How To Treat A Female Escort

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Guys out there this one is particularly for you, this is understandable that when he hires somebody for sexual pleasure there are no limits sometimes but, definitely this depends on whom you have hired a female escort or a female prostitute? For both there are some dos and don’ts but here we will explicitly talk about how to treat a female escort:

Communication:  While searching online, now that one escort has been found. Do not start weird sexually arousing conversations, she is there for business and is not interesting in SEXTING. There are some questions which one must avoid in the very first conversation such as: how much for the blowjob? Or group sex in Kotara? It’s better to email her and give her the details first like the name, service, time period etc.

Money: having sex without paying is rape, be very clear about this all you males out there. Usually for a female escort one is required to deposit the money in her bank account while she is getting ready to get fucked. Tricking some escort into having sex with you is not a true consent, so deposit the money and then do her properly without it, it’s a legal offence.

In person: ok so here is the deal when a guy enters in the room, she may ask him to take shower together, do not decline that because that is so rude! It’s a mantra of intimacy and female escort does that in order to build up the intimacy that’s the least a guy can do? Do not make dead hooker jokes if one is interested in BDSM and other wild fantasies discuss before; don’t make assumptions. Life in the Hollywood movie is different from reality. Reality is reality and that girl in the room is not an actor. So must talk before getting into it. Hookers don’t do stuff what they do in the movie, that is a whole other situation out there not the same thing. If you have some specific idea in mind and she is unable to fulfill it because you haven’t said it. That’s on you buddy not on her.

Buying: make this thing clear do not assume that, she has been bought, or one has been paid so the body is sold to you. Not only the service has been bought so doesn’t act like a pervert or a bastard in front of her, just because she is paid by you. So actually it’s not an all access pass or do whatever you want stuff. One has to make things clear in mind.

The deal is a guy has hired a female escort for fun services, discuss things  before hand to avoid any nasty or messy situation. In western country this job is totally legal so, they have rights guys! Keep that in mind and don’t be a pervert.